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Thimbles, Etc.

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Thimbles, heat shrink tubing, beads and rattles for leader construction.

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AFW Copper Rigging Wire CRW1

AFW Copper Rigging Wire

American Fishing Wire Copper Rigging Wire - Very thin (0.51mm) copper wire lengths to use for...
Sale: $2.56


Luminous Glow Beads HIHABD

Luminous Glow Beads

Luminous glow beads for use in leader construction. Beads are luminescent to attract fish. 10 pack.
Sale: $1.19

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Luminous Rattle HIHALUMRAT

Luminous Rattle

Luminous Rattle. Attract fish using all their senses. Rattle glows and produces sound to attract...
Sale: $2.38


Stainless Steel Thimbles HIHATH

Stainless Steel Thimbles

Hi-Seas Stainless steel thimbles for heavy duty leader construction. Use with monofilament or...
Sale: $2.08

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Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing for protecting and stiffening connections. Sold by the foot in several different...
Sale: $0.37

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Glow Stick FJKJ2009

Glow Stick

Glow sticks to attach to your line at night. Allows you to see if your line has gone out even in...
Sale: $0.95

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