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Fishing Tools

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Various types of tools useful to the fisherman including crimping tools, files, pliers, and more.

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Bait Needle NDL

Bait Needle

Bait Needle - These are smaller needles to use rigging baits. Eyes are large enough for use with...
Sale: $1.19

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Fish Scaler DANIELS-FS7

Fish Scaler

Fish Scaler - Don't ruin that nice knife of yours. A fish scaler will do a better job and keep your...
Sale: $1.58


The Fish Grip Jr. - Glow in the Dark 01-3780-JR

The Fish Grip Jr. - Glow in the Dark

The Fish Grip Jr. - Just like the regular Fish Grip, but scaled down for smaller panfish and use by...
Sale: $8.79


Fish Grip - Glow in the Dark 01-3780-GL

Fish Grip - Glow in the Dark

The Fish Grip - Get your best grip! Features: Over-center locking, Unique jaw design, durable...
Sale: $11.96

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Aftco Fish Bat FBAT2B

Aftco Fish Bat

Aftco Fish Bat - Not just any bat. This bat is designed with the angler in mind. Molded, glass...
Sale: $15.68

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